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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stressed Out

Just replace "swam" with "ran"

I was really not feeling like going to track last night. I'm a total stress ball right now and walking home from the train in the rain didn't help matters any. I was so close to just collapsing onto my bed and staying in for the night.

But, as I've said before, having a group of people expecting you is one of the best motivators there is. And that whole 26.2 miles thing is pretty motivating as well.

So instead of napping I put on my shoes and headed to the track. Thankfully it stopped raining. Not so thankfully the sun, which had been hiding all day, chose that moment to come out.

The sun combined with the humidity made for the quite the swampy workout. And just what was our workout? 2 miles straight, followed by a 400 meter jog, then 1 mile, another 400 meter jog, then 1 more mile. And then, because we're apparently masochists, we tacked on a 400 at the end.

How'd I do?

Mile 1 - 8:22
Mile 2 - 8:22
400 meter recovery jog
Mile 3 - 8:51
400 meter recovery jog
Mile 4 - 8:33
400 meter - 1:44 (Fastest 400 to date)

Not too shabby! Mile 3 wasn't the best one ever, but it was still under 9 which is still speedy for me. I really appreciated having Maribeth to chase. She's really good at pacing which is something I'm horrible at. I always do much better when she runs, too.

I was worried at first that the workout was going to be too tough considering I did a 10 mile bike ride (averaging 15 mph) the night before and my quads felt pretty worn out. Our initial striders left me feeling a little winded but in the end I obviously felt okay.

And that last 400? I have no idea what happened there! I just took off like a rocket and held on. Hard to believe I could run my fastest 400 after running 4 hard miles. Pretty cool.

I felt much better after track. Nothing like a good, hard workout to help with the stress. Too bad that feeling doesn't last and I'm back to being a total ball of stress. Any suggestions on how to get that post workout endorphin rush to last?


Anne said...

Deep breath and remember these words, "Right now, right at this moment, everything is fine" :)

Mica said...

Hey, look at you! Getting out for a balla' track workout after feeling grumpy and stressed. Great work, lady!

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