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Thursday, October 29, 2009

TIART - Three Wishes

Today's Take it and Run Thursday question, brought to you by Runners' Lounge and Chocolate Shoestrings is:

If a genie were to appear and grant you any three running wishes in the world, what would you choose? It can be anything from superhuman powers, new running inventions, race entries, shoes, you name it!

What would be your three wishes?

After struggling through a 3.2 mile treadmill run last night, I immediately thought of my first two wishes:

Wish #1: That it stayed light outside until at least 8 PM every night all year long.

Wish #2: That running on the treadmill was as easy for me as running outside

Then, thinking about all the races I want to run in different places, I came up with the following:

Wish #3: That I could do well at every race I wanted to run without worrying about them being too close to one another.

And with that, I have nothing else to report for today. Other than I can't believe I did almost half my training last winter on the treadmill. Ugh. I am NOT looking forward to that again.


thebalancebroad said...

Great question!

My first wish would be to be able to run without ANY injuries. Ever. :-)

My second wish would be that there were a larger running group in the city where I live.

My third wish would be that I would never trip and fall on runs!

Lacey Nicole said...

great wishes! i would love to have some longer light, clocks turn back this weekend right? but sadly that doesn't translate... BOOOoo winter...

great race wish!

Teamarcia said...

Funny I actually started out running on a TM and found running outside hard. Now I too "dread the mill!"

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Pretty sure if I had to run on a treadmill all the time I would not be a runner.. Great Wishes. I am sure my kids would love it if it stayed light out longer.

Bayjb said...

Right now, I just wish I could be a runner. Right now, with awful shin splints, it's feeling like that will never happen.

kristen said...

Nice wishes. Although if the first one came true, you probably wouldn't need the other one.

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