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Thursday, October 15, 2009

TIART - Yellow Brick...Treadmill?


I'm currently out of town at a conference for work. I'm spending 5 days in lovely Orlando, Florida where they seem to be experiencing heat and humidity that is abnormal for mid-October. So, although the grounds of my hotel are lovely I decided that a treadmill run was in order. In that lovely gym pictured above, actually.

What does that have to do with today's Take it and Run question from Runner's Lounge?

Well, here's this week's question:

Scarecrow asked for a Brain, Tin Man for a Heart, and Lion for Courage. If you could meet the Wizard of Running and ask for anything, what would it be?

When your wish was granted, how would your travels down the Yellow Brick Road of running be different?

If I could only ask for one wish, it would be speed. No, not the illegal substance. I just wish I could be faster without having to do all the speedwork. I attempted speedwork today on the treadmill. It was an abysmal failure. Actually, my run was pretty cruddy overall.



I think the workout summary said my average pace was 10:31. Blech.

Although, I suppose that's not too bad for my first treadmill run in months, almost a week of no running (I haven't run since last Saturday) and while traveling. Plus, the fans on the treadmill didn't work and the gym itself was kind of warm and stuffy.

At least I got a run in! Now, if I could just figure out where that wizard is hiding so I could run faster....


Bayjb said...

I give you loads of credit for working out while out of town. I always bring my stuff and then NEVER go. enjoy the warm weather!!

KAT said...

THAT would be amazing, as I'm not too speedy either. But awesome job getting a run in after a whole weeK! It probably felt so nicee :)

Lacey Nicole said...

lol illegal substance.

SPEED. i have some tips!!!! start small. start with repeats. and the treadmill is a great place to do this so you can keep an eye on your times. run easy, then bump up the pace for .25 miles, then run easy, then bump up. each time you do the work out add another "bump up" interval. seriously, speed comes over time. and then you'll feel AMAZING looking at your progress!!! we all have our starting points, and it is just a matter of moving forward from where that starting point is. LOVE THAT PICTURE of the treadmills with the glass window... i would like to run there if i am going to be treadmilling!!!

kilax said...

Are you still thinking about working with a coach? I bet they may be able to help you with speed.

Holly said...

My wish would be to be able to run without darned injuries. :-(

You will get there with speed! I agree with Kim...I think a coach could really help. I think part of the trick with speed work is to do it in good conditions - it's reallllly hard to be speedy if you're uncomfortable (weather wise and location wise)!

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