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Friday, August 14, 2009

Runners' Lounge Open Mic Friday

It looks like it's Erin week over at Runners' Lounge. Yesterday I hosted Take it and Run Thursday and today their Open Mic Interview is of me!

Definitely check it out here if you're not a regular Runners' Lounge reader.

If you surfed on over from Runners' Lounge, welcome! I hope you like what you read and maybe stick around.

According to my little race countdown widget I have less than one day until my 5K. This will be two races in a row that I've run with someone. I'm going to get spoiled!

Today my plans are to rest (well, after work), finish washing all my running clothes, and eat a lot of pizza for dinner, and lay out my stuff for tomorrow. Kim was nice enough to pick up my race packet for me and bring it to me yesterday. I haven't had a chance to fully look through it, but I already like that the t-shirt is 99% cotton and 1% polyester. Makes it feel soft!

By the way, if you're new here or if you missed it, I'd really appreciate it you took at look at this post. I only run one race per year for which I try to raise money and that one is it. Plus, the post has cute pictures of dogs!


Lindsay said...

This was such a great interview!!! I loved reading it!

By the by, I plan on running Illinois in May. ;-)

kristen said...

Fantastic interview. I especially like the answer with your ex-boyfreind. Isn't it interesting the way our perspectives change. I totaly get that.

Very cool Erin.

p.s. you should just do both Illinois and Chicago (maybe not in the same year but..)

RunningLaur said...

What a great interview - congrats!!

kilax said...

Hmm, maybe I will have pizza too!

I loved your interview! And I do love that he commented on your enthusiasm! I love that about you. I love the little bit about your ex, that you would like to tell you are running, now that you understand his passion! And of course, I love how your mom encouraged you to get started. And I laughed at the "other hobbies" comment. I was just thinking that today... I don't really have any right now!

If you decide to do Chicago in 2010... you know you have a training buddy ;) Just make sure you register EARLY! That is why I am not running it this year!

I wanted to leave a comment over there, but I am not a member. Maybe I should join!

Ellie said...

hi Erin! just wanted to say hi :) I just started following your blog.it's awesome. started my own a couple weeks back to stay motivated. how did your 5k go yesterday? :)

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