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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuel and Fretting

Today's Take it and Run Thursday question is:

It's the morning of your weekly long run... what do you eat and why?

I'm STILL trying to figure this out. I feel like I run out of fuel so fast. Additionally, I'm a really salty sweater so I think that makes me hit the wall even with taking fuel mid-run. Typically, I eat a whole wheat English muffin with crunchy peanut butter and dried cranberries. I try to follow that up with a granola or energy bar shortly before I actually start my run if I ate the English muffin more than an hour before.

I've also tried the oatmeal with tons of add-ins (almond butter, honey, nuts, dried fruit), but it doesn't always work.

I'm definitely not one of those people who can just grab a banana and a glass of water and call it pre-run fuel. My metabolism is pretty fast so by the time I get up in the morning I've fairly well digested all of my dinner. I've tried running in the morning without eating and I tend to get cold sweats or feel super dizzy after I'm done.

So, yeah, still working on the perfect fuel.

Speaking of how things make me feel (yeah, that was a crappy segue), I took my first yoga class last night at the Y.

I'm generally a very tense person, so there were some times during the class that I felt as though I should be relaxing more than I was. Our instructor really lets us take our time in each pose, though, so I was able to attempt to relax each part of my body. We did very basic mat exercises (such as the poses above) and she indicated that this isn't a very strenuous class but that we will be working harder by the end of the 8 weeks. Sadly, I don't think that doing yoga combined with rushing home to get dinner on the table before 9PM is really all that calming or centering or whatever yoga is supposed to be spiritually.

I feel strange (and a little guilty) for not doing any cardio on Wednesday nights. I've done some kind of cardio on Wednesdays for so long that I'm not used to not ending my day by dripping sweat. Also, even though my original plan was to run Thursdays at lunch to make up for it, I don't think that's going to happen very often. Here's hoping that swimming helps make up for it.

Speaking of which, my first swim lesson class is tonight. I'm stupidly nervous. Not that I'll be bad at it or anything. It's lessons; they're not expecting me to be any good. It's just that I have to get in a pool with a bunch of strangers to do something other than splash around and be silly. Also, I'm still not sure how to actually get TO the pool at the Y or whether or not my Speedo tank suit even still fits. Will I need goggles? Do I bring a beach towel or a regular towel? Will I need a swim cap? Probably should have thought about all those things before today, huh?


Lacey Nicole said...

good luck with swimming! i've always wished i could swim for fitness. it's so good for you and your body!!! i need to get to a yoga class.. they are just always offered at ridiculous early times or RIGHT after work...i need to suck it up and go. i always feel so good after. weekends would work...

i agree-- the banana by itself is ok for a short run for me... but i need to figure out better long run fuel. thanks for your thoughts on this, i'm gathering info :)!

Kim said...

I took swim lessons 3 years ago and it was great! I thought I'd feel stupid, too, but it was actually good. I didn't have goggles my first night and needed them, so I'd get those. I doubt you need a swim cap, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty salty sweater too, I think that's why drinking Cytomax pre-run has been helpful for me. But I'm still tweaking and trying to figure out the right fueling plan myself!

Thanks for participating in my TiaRT topic!

Anonymous said...

You probably won't need goggles or a cap, they are usually optional. Bring either towel.

hamburgerteri said...

I'm another one who is a salty sweater, and I use Nuun. It has done wonders for helping me get through runs without a complete meltdown. I'll drink some on the way to my long run (if I'm meeting up with my group) or just drink it during the run. I also try to drink a full glass every day outside of my running. It has cut down on headaches and dizziness I would get when I was a little dehydrated.

Kelly said...

Do they offer a hot yoga class? I always feel less like a slacker when I do those because I am still sweating after haha.
I am considering taking swim lessons at the Y this fall too. Which class are you taking? I'm interested to hear how it is! Oh and also, my Y sells swim caps so you can probably buy one there if you need one :)
Also, I bring a beach towel when I swim. But i don't think anyone will notice what you do.

kristen said...

Dang girl, your the queen of cross training. yay for swimming. I hope it goes well.

I just read your post about the speedwork. I'm glad you did it. I think it would be way harder on a treadmill than on the road, plus I'm pretty sure RW wanted to kill you! that was fast! You should try it agian on the road with the mcmillian times. Great job!

Oz Runner said...

hope the swim lesson went well....as for pre-long run fuel, mine is wheat toast (or a waffle) with peanut butter, topped with sliced bananas....usually tides me over pretty good, at least until mile 6 or 7 when i can take a gu or something...

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