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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I feel like a slug

Kim and I went for a run on Tuesday at lunch. First time we'd run together since before my half-marathon on July 19th. We're running a 5K together on August 15th so we needed to discuss strategy.

Except we spent the whole run just trying not to die. Normally we push each other and find ourselves running at near race-pace. Not so yesterday. I don't know if it was the humidity, the sun, the temperature, the fact that I've been a lazy slug, or the fact that her shin has been bothering her, but the run totally felt like a struggle for both of us.

Our plan had been to do 4 miles. We did about 3.8. We actually stopped to walk during the third mile. We never do that. But we just weren't feeling it. And, of course, I either forgot to or didn't hit the Start button hard enough on my Garmin when we started back up. So, my Garmin thinks I only went 3 miles at a 10:07 pace. Kim's said we went 3.82 at a 9:35 pace.

Our goal for the 5K on the 15th? Average 8:20 pace. Um, yeah. Here's hoping we feel better that day then we did yesterday!


kristen said...

I had a run exactly like this today. Shake it off right.

Julie said...

The bad days make the good ones feel even better. One more day closer to your next good day!

kilax said...

That run was a big 'ol piece of crap. But I have to agree with Julie... that will just make our 5K even more spectacular. Oh yes, we will make our pace!!! I know it!

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