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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

January 17th - January 23rd

Jan 17th

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays a runner from the swift completion of her schedule run. But ice just about did! Still, I finished my 5.5 miles and managed to stay upright the entire time.

Jan 18th

To make up for my slow, plodding, ice-coated Monday night run I joined my running group at work for a quick 3.2 miler along the lake.

Jan 19th

I went to the gym to do this workout and was pleasantly surprised at how non-busy it was.

10 minute warm-up on upright stationary bike
1 set of 8 and 2 sets of 15 Deadlifts
2 sets of 15 Dumbbell shoulder presses
2 sets of 15 Lat Pulldowns
2 sets of 15 Lunges
2 sets of 8 Swiss Ball Crunches

Also, those deadlifts were killer! My legs were definitely feeling that one.

Jan 20th

Approximately 5 miles of speedwork (including warm up and cool down).

Jan 21st

Jason attended his first personal training session earlier this week so on Friday I managed to get him down into our basement to lift weights with me! Good thing, too, because I'm at the point where I can squat more than I can lift onto my shoulders so I needed his help.

That's 70 pounds on that bar

I'm on my 5th workout from New Rules of Lifting for Women which consists of:

10 minute warm-up walk on the treadmill
Warm-up stretches
2 sets of 12 Squats
2 sets of 12 45o Push ups
2 sets of 12 Bent Over Row
2 sets of 12 Step Ups
2 sets of 10 Prone Jackknifes
Cool-down stretches

Also, I've officially decided that from here on out my glutes are going to be sore. That's just how it is.

Jan 22nd

Yet another run where the weather did not stop me! 11 miles in the cold, snow and ice.

I was rather miffed to look out the window later on Saturday to see that the snow had stopped and the sun had come out. However, I wasn't able to run later in the day on Saturday because I had errands to take care before attending the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) Awards Banquet.

I didn't win an award but many of my friends did and I wanted to cheer for them. However, I did end up winning a raffle prize!

But next year I plan to at least win a participation award. I think it will be pretty easy for me. In fact, I think I could have won one in 2010 if only I'd know what I needed to do to apply.

Jan 23rd

Even though the air temperature in our basement is cool enough to make it difficult to go down there I put on a sweatshirt, warmed up on the treadmill, and did a strength training workout.

2 sets of 12 Deadlifts
2 sets of 12 Dumbbell shoulder presses
2 sets of 12 Pullovers
2 sets of 12 Lunges
2 sets of 12 Swiss Ball Crunches

After I was finished with my strength training a few good songs started playing on my iPhone and the next thing I knew I was dancing around my basement. I put on a few more good songs, did some moves from old aerobics class, and threw myself an impromptu dance party. 30 minutes later I was nice and sweaty. I may need to do that more often!

Total mileage: 24.7
Total strength workouts: 3

Pretty good week, overall. I realized on Sunday, though, that I didn't have a single rest day. Interesting. I suppose, though, that I was sort of banking some workouts since I'll be traveling a few days this week and probably won't get in as many.


Rose said...

Congrats on winning the raffle!

kilax said...

Your dance party sounds fun! I want to come next time. Can you teach me some moves?

Great week! I love the pic of you with the weights. So cute. And 70 lbs? That is a lot! You're awesome! :)

Mica said...

Wow, 70 lbs! I just tried to do deadlifts this morning (though I think I do them incorrectly) with a measly 24-lb. bar. Thus, I am very impressed.

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