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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junk Miles

Last night's run would have been the perfect time to break out the YakTrax...if only I'd known how icy it was.

I spent the day inside and sometime between arriving home at 5:30 PM and leaving my house at 6:15 PM the side roads had completely iced over. When my car slid at a stop sign in my neighborhood I debated just turning around and going home.

But, no, I wanted to run. So I drove on in denial about the weather. It was lightly sleeting and the temperatures were hovering just above freezing. When I got to the running store and saw other people wearing their YakTrax I kicked myself for not remembering to grab mine.

The first mile wasn't too bad. The next mile, though, super slippery. I almost fell several times and at the 1.5 mile mark I decided I was turning around and going home. But my running buds convinced me to move from the street to the sidewalk and we kept going. By the way, there IS a time when you will curse someone for actually shoveling their sidewalk and last night was it. I much preferred the snow to the clear yet icy concrete.

Last night was supposed to be a tempo run but it ended up being a nice, slow, easy run instead. I finished the entire 5.5 miles and I didn't fall! Of course, I barely sweated and I decided it was the craziest thing I've done in awhile. But there are no bad runs, just bad gear. I'll blame last night on my lack of gear and just be glad I survived in tact. And next time I'll remember my YakTrax!


Rose said...

I'm glad you survived. I'm pretty sure running on ice would kill me.

kilax said...

You are so hard core to run on that! Ice is one of the only things that stops my runs. I am such a klutz as it is! I wonder how our neighborhood is. They started shoveling at 9 pm so maybe they shoveled the ice away? *Fingers crossed*

Hope your lunchtime run was ice free!

April said...

Yikes! You are brave! Congrats on just getting out there, most people would be hiding in their house...

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