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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Ditty

Just a quick little post about my 11 mile Saturday morning run.

I tell you, even though I dread dragging myself out of bed and running first thing in the morning it's so nice to be done before 9:30 AM. It certainly gets me up and moving for the day!

I also love being able to study the maps of my runs the night before. just in case none of the people who know the route show up and I get lost. I didn't have that problem today but it made me feel better knowing that I at least had a basic understanding of where we were going.

I really hope the new running shoes I ordered get here soon. I had a $25 gift card to Amazon and the Brooks Adrenaline 10s were on sale for $65.99 with free shipping. I desperately need new shoes. I'm not sure there's any arch support left in my current pair.

You'd think after several years of running in the cold I'd have figured out what to wear. Not so much. I was totally overdressed this morning but thankfully another runner let me stash my second long-sleeved shirt in her car so that I could run in just one long sleeved shirt and my jacket.

And speaking of that jacket, I think it may be the best $25 I've ever spent. Thank you Nordstrom Rack for carrying workout clothes!

The actually running was rather uneventful. I'd planned to do 10 miles at a 9:30 pace and ended up doing 11 at 9:49 but that's okay by me. One can't be expected to run too hard when it's below freezing. Right?

Saturday OPRC Run by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details


d.a.r. said...

It's so nice knocking it out before the day really starts!!

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT run for this cold weather!

I still have so much trouble knowing how to dress for outdoor running in the winter. I know layers are good, but I hate having to stop, take something off, and tie it around my waist/carry it, too!

Mica said...

Man, I'm reading this at 9:20, as I'm struggling to get out the door for my long run. I will try to channel your energy and get myself moving!

(Maybe it would help if I had someone to meet.)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Hope your new shoes get here soon! I'm awful at dressing or the weather when I walk along the lake. I start out freezing and end up sweating in no time. Frustrating.

kilax said...

Yay for new shoes! What color did you order this time?! :)

The course you ran looks fun - no loops. I think I really prefer loops or one out and back for long runs. :)

I was thinking this yesterday - isn't it funny we are running such high mileage to train for a half? This is much different that the first time I trained for a half! Then, it was about building endurance, now, it's (supposed to be about) building speed (not quite there yet).

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