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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Wrap Up

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Yes, I know it's January 6th and I'm just now writing about December. But I was on a cruise! I've only been back 3 days! Hush.

So, December. My only goal for the month was to stay around 50 miles total. How'd I do? If you don't count the mostly walking jaunts I did on the treadmill then I came in at approximately 44.03 miles. If you DO count them then I hit approximately 47.23. Either way, that's close enough to 50 for me. It's December. The weather is horrible. Work and holiday celebrations and vacations ate up a lot of my time. But I ran in a Santa hat and I ran on a cruise ship. Those are pretty memorable, don't you think?

Take that, December! I came close to my mileage goal AND had some fun runs in the process.

Now, January? Not shaping up to be a good month so far. I haven't run once since we switched over to 2010. I'd better make some more race decisions and find me a training plan. A half marathon (somewhere) on May 1st? How's that sound? Actually, I've got a post brewing about my goals and my upcoming races (so far) for 2010. Hopefully I'll get that up this week. After I do my year in review, of course :-)

As always, stay tuned!


lifestudent said...

Where did your cruise go? Did you mention somewhere? I'm so jealous ... I bet you were warm :(

kilax said...

Erin, if you sign up for the Kenosha Half, I will too. :) We plan on running it, but haven't signed up yet. BUT you can count on me being there if you want to do one together! And no pressure (on times or anything). Just want to enjoy running and stay healthy.

(I got $50 for Xmas and was planning on using it to sign up)

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