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Friday, March 20, 2009

Race Round-Up

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Last night was an easy 2 mile "recovery" run. I thought about doing it outside, but A. I didn't really have time between work and Pilates, B. It was kind of chilly outside, and C. I was afraid if I ran outside I would run too fast. So, instead, I hopped on the treadmill at the gym after my Pilates class. I did a short warm-up walk and then ran 2 miles at 5.6 MPH at a 1% incline. Perfect.

Yesterday I also signed up for another race. It's the Skirt Chaser 5K on June 13th. I wanted to do it last year but I didn't find out about it in time. It's sponsored by Skirt Sports, hence their logo up there at the top of this post. My keychain is actually from Skirt Sports as they were one of the sponsors of the first 5K I ever ran. Anyway, this race is too funny. All the women start at 5:00 PM and the men start at 5:03 PM. The idea is that the men have to catch the women. I mentioned it to Jason last night and he actually said that maybe he should train to run a 5K and do this with me. How awesome would that be???? Regardless, this race is awesome for several reasons. One is that if you pay for the "Deluxe" registration you get a sweat-wicking tanktop AND a running skirt along with your goody bag and entrance to the beer tent and post-race party. I've always wanted a running skirt and this seemed like a great deal since the skirts typically retail for quite a bit. But the other reason this race is awesome is because I'm planning to run it with Lindsay! I've never run a race with a friend before and now this year I've two planned. So fun.

I've also volunteered to help with gear check at the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle on March 29th. I'm doing that through PAWS (a local animal shelter). Seemed like a nice way to give back to the running community and hopefully meet some new people.

So now I've got races lined up for April, May (the Chase Corporate Challenge on May 21st), June and July. Whew! I like to do one race a month. There are so many to choose from, though, that I feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to picking which one I'm going to do. I like routine, so after July I'll probably end up doing some of the same races I did last year. My basic criteria for choosing tend to be based on how close the race is to my house, who the proceeds go to, and, of course, the distance.

For those of you reading this that race, how do you pick which ones to do?


kilax said...

I pick the same way - distance, cause, and location. The Skirt Chaser sounds really fun! I am signing up for the Chase Corporate Challenge through my office as well. :)

kristen said...

For some reason I always have trouble posting comments on your blog - let me try agian:

I love running skirts. I have two and I love them both. What an awesome race package, much better than a cotton t! Lucky girl.

I usually pick one or two "A" races for the year based on the course itself, then I choose all the rest based on timing for my training schedule.

Lindsay said...

In Spring 2007, from mid-April to mid-June (except for 1 weekend), I had a race every weekend. That was 6 races (5 in a row & then skipped a weekend and my final one.) Needless to say, I was sick of running after those weeks but at the same time it was pretty fun to do since I was single and it gave me something to always do!

Hi! I'm Erin said...

kilax - Feel free to join us for the Skirt Chaser!

kristen - I'm still so new at working races into my training that I didn't even consider racing anything while training for this first half.

Lindsay - That is A LOT of races. I would be totally burned out. But, you're right, at least it gave you things to do!

RunningLaur said...

Hi Erin! I have you signed up for the Hooray Spring race, and added you to my reader!

I'm planning to run one (real) race a month this year. I have2 (maybe 3) that I'm traveling for and the rest are local to round out the schedule.

Oz Runner said...

one race a month is about right for me too, i think....usually local races, but i'm new to this running stuff.....that skirt chaser run sounds like a fun race to do...guys chasing the girls, ha....

RunningLaur said...

You can comment with your post or email - which ever is easier!

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