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Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Wrap-Up

Technically yesterday marked the end of my 8th week of half-marathon training. However, I didn't run yesterday. Instead I stumbled around in a quasi-hangover and went scrapbooking with some friends. Therefore, my 9 mile long run is getting pushed to today. Probably as soon as I finish this post.

For February, I ran a total of 53 miles. An increase of half a mile from January. And just like last month, all but 12 of those were on the treadmill. If I had gotten in all my runs just like the training plan said, February would have been a total of 66 miles. When you look at it that way, February doesn't look so hot. But, in reality, I only skipped 4 miles worth of running and the additional 9 will get done today. Today's just not February any longer.

February didn't have as many firsts as January. Instead it seemed to be more of just plodding along. Although, I did run 8 miles at a fabulous pace and did a tempo run that didn't leave me seething with hatred. I ran my second speedwork workout and, like the first one, kicked its butt.

I can definitely see myself becoming a faster, if not better, runner. But we'll see how I feel about that after today's 9-miler. Speaking of which, it's time to stop procrastinating and make a decision: treadmill vs outdoors. It's mildly cloudy, threatening to snow, breezy and about 20oF outside. Which would you choose?


Lindsay said...

Of course you know what I would choose. OUTSIDE! You can do it. Snow doesn't bother me as much as rain. It's actually quite pretty to run in snow. Breezy will help you with endurance too. :-)

kristen said...

Outside! Good job for Feb. It's fun to see how much you've acomplished isn't it. Just remember - February is a SHORT month and you will blow it out of the water with March.

kilax said...

I just went outside to get the mail... I would stay inside. Although, I did my 6-miler inside today, and I just get TOO HOT!

Don't you love how running transforms you? As long as you stick with it, you have to get better! Good work :)

celmore said...

I was in Vermont last week and ran when it was 20 degrees. It enjoyed it...this is coming from a California boy.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Too late to influence anything, but I'd run it inside on the treadmill. But i'm a wuss, and live in the northwest. I haven't run outside in aything colder than 30.

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