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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having Fun

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Kim gave me these arm warmers for my birthday.  In January.  Since I didn’t get a chance to wear them this winter I decided I was breaking them out for my Monday night run.  It was a little too warm for them but I didn’t care!  I wanted to have fun!  And what’s more fun while running than doing it in crazy running gear?

I got about 100 comments on them.  People loved them! 

And, hey, sometimes running is all about having fun, right?  It doesn’t always have to be about pace or distance or racing.

Although, I’ll be honest, I thought since most people in my club raced on Sunday they’d be running nice and easy on Monday night.  Not so much.  Thankfully two lovely ladies hung at the back with me and chatted as we ran.

I realized as we were running that each mile was getting progressively faster.  Negative splits!  Fun!  I made it my own little secret goal to do at least the first 5 miles with negative splits once I saw that was the trend.  Success!

So, even when it is a bit about pace there are ways to make it more fun than work.  In fact, if it’s not fun, why are we doing it? 

Which means the next time you need to make your run (or workout) more fun, wear something crazy (like these Bad Ass leggings or some tiger arm warmers), make yourself some fun but attainable goals or workout with someone you don’t normally hang with. 

I promise, it will be fun.