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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sun and Sweat

Last night was one of those nights when you question your sanity as a runner. I should have taken a screen shot of what weather.com said about the temperature. If I recall correctly, it was at least 89oF with something like 70% humidity. And the sun was blaring down on us. The issue with running on an outdoor track? No shade.

Thankfully, there was a breeze. Still, we debated: Do the mile repeats workout or drop down and do the 800s workout? And if we do the mile repeat workout, how many of the 4 mile repeats should we do?

Originally, I didn't want to do the mile repeats. That sounded like torture. But, peer pressure talked me into doing at least two. First, though, we warmed up with some strides. I enjoy strides now that I know what they are. I like warming up that way much better than just doing a mile around the track.

And then it was off on our miles. My first one felt really awesome. I felt strong. It didn't feel too fast. Unfortunately, the heat and the sun had other things to say about that and I slowed down as I went along. In the end, I did all 4 repeats. The times got progressively slower but I'm still proud that I managed to do all 4 in spite of the sun and the heat.

Towards the end of the miles the sun finally got low enough in the sky to hide behind the approaching storm clouds. The air temperature cooled off significantly and, as such, I was able to bang out some awesome 400s. On the last lap it was as if something clicked and I felt like I was flying.

600 yards in strides

1st 1600 - 8:22
2nd 1600 - 8:34
3rd 1600 - 8:52
4th 1600 - 8:58

1st 400 - 2:01
2nd 400 - 1:58
3rd 400 - 2:01
4th 400 - 1:48

2 laps around infield barefoot

So why did it feel so good despite the weather? I have to say, I think the hot yoga really helps with being able to run in this oppressive heat. I've gone twice now (two different classes) and spending an hour+ getting my heart rate up in a super-heated room must only be doing good things for my ability to tolerate the heat. I ran into my favorite aerobics instructor at the gym a few days ago and he told me about how a guy he knew trained for the Kona Ironman but putting a stationary bike in a sauna. I joked about putting a treadmill in a sauna but, when you think about it, hot yoga is kind similar.

Of course, the almost 12(!) hours of sleep I got the night before probably helped. Yes, I slept for 12 hours. And it was glorious! I think I need to figure out how to get that much sleep before a race.

Also, I ran in just shorts and a sports bra. I may not have the torso of a super model, but when it's that hot and sunny out I just don't care. My tank top got discarded before we even started running once I realized I was sweating in it just standing there. I need to remember to do that more often.

I'm planning to take another hot yoga class tonight (aside: those of you that do hot yoga, what do you wear to class?) and then it's off to visit my hometown for the weekend. The last time I ran there I had a great run. This time I'll be running with fellow bloggers. Here's hoping we all have good runs.


Anonymous said...

awesome! i'm so inspired by this post. it's hot and a hard work out and you had a great time anyway. and then ran barefoot around an infield ! :) awesomeness! and interesting parallel to hot yoga. i wear wicking shorts + top (spandexy type stuff) and bring a towel.
great job on your workout!! and way to get so much sleep!

RunningLaur said...

Adam (the boring runner), Jeff (running through PHX) and I are trying out hot yoga next week - I was figuring on a running tank and spandex shorts? Just be sure you take some water along, I hear it's essential for hot yoga!

Jacklyn said...

That's a great point about hot yoga and it helping with the humidity! I'll have to try it cause this atl heat is killing me!

Anonymous said...

I wear a shelf tank top with no other bra under it, and running capris. I sweat buckets but am not ready to bare midriff!

Holly said...

Dang, girl! That pace is VERY impressive, especially given the heat! I’d definitely say the hot yoga has something to do with it. I need to go again…very soon!

I usually wear running shorts, a sports bra, and a running tank top (the cool wick kind). A lot of people in my class wear pants, actually....but I don't know about that!

kilax said...

I was thinking of you last night as I walked to the train in the heat. I wondered how things would go at the track - AWESOME! You rock!

A question about strides - do you walk, then do them? Or slow jog then do them? Or... if I remember what you told me, you slowly speed up to 5K pace then hold it?

I am happy hot yoga is helping and that you are going back tonight!

Can't wait for our run this weekend!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Good lord, I'm so glad you made it through that run. I cannot imagine doing it in this weather. And I'm ridiculously jealous of your 12 hours of sleep.

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