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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Pursuit

Monday night was supposed to be another tempo run but I've since given up looking at my marathon training plan for the paces so I had no idea what I was supposed to run. I just knew I was running the 5.5 mile route.

However, I ended up pairing up with another gal who is usually much faster than me. It worked out well, though, because she really pushed me through some of those middle miles.

Unfortunately, the Garmin was having some serious issues finding and keeping a satellite connection. Actually, it was just having some issues in general. I mean, look at my top speed:

Click to see full sized

Over 400,000 miles an hour? Really? I mean, I know that my running group is fast but considering I spent most of my time chasing down a group of people slightly in front of me they must have been going just under the speed of light.

Anyway, regardless of my Garmin and its flakiness, I was pleased with this run. The weather wasn't perfect (hey, it's still summer after all) but it was one of my best Monday night runs in awhile.

I also tried on a pair of New Balance shoes. I didn't run in them because the heel felt too wide, sadly. They felt great otherwise. Nice and cushy. I wouldn't have turned down a free pair but, alas, I didn't win the raffle. Oh well. Maybe next time!


Anonymous said...

hahaha I love it when my Garmin freaks out like that. "My top speed was a 3:47min/mile, you say? Sure, I believe you..."

lifestudent said...

Man, all that working out is paying off! You are really picking up the pace :) Maybe you should aim for a BQ in October ...

Forget that. With that pace, you should aim to WIN the whole thing!

Mica said...

Hahaha, Garmins crack me up. We should get together for more runs because mine often says that I run 2:00/mile pace. Yeahhhhh!

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