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Friday, July 2, 2010

June Wrap Up


I cannot believe June is already over. I swear it was just yesterday I was running my May races!

So how was June, anyway?

I have to say the highlight in the land of running was the North Shore Half Marathon. Although it wasn't a PR it was the first time I ran a half marathon without having a weird panic attack somewhere in the middle and possibly the most consistent race I've ever run.

The rest of June consisted of the standard Monday night runs and Wednesday night track sessions. At least until vacation. Vacation was definitely the highlight in non-running land. Even if I didn't run at all while in Savannah :-)

But one other highlight? My new bike! I'm getting more and more comfortable on it and looking forward to riding it more places and taking it out on the Salt Creek bike path.

Overall I ran 73.34 miles in June which was actually MORE than during my crazy month of May races. I suspect this number will creep up since I'm now officially doing marathon training! Long weekend runs, here I come!

How was your June? Anything fun and exciting to report? Do you have any upcoming summer plans? Can you believe it's already July?


Anne said...

Wow...your June was awesome! Hard to believe you plan on increasing your mileage. I'm also doing marathon training, but it starts with very low mileage compared to where you're at!

Anonymous said...

I STILL cannot believe it's July! I go on vacation next Friday and was just thinking when I get back, it will almost be the end of August. WTH, summer?!

kilax said...

Wow! That is crazy that you ran MORE in June!

I am so happy that you did so well at the North Shore Half. And that you love your new bike! I am so excited for you.

My June was pretty ho-hum in running land, as you know ;) And I don't have any upcoming races which feels weird, but is probably the right thing to do ;)

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