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Saturday, December 12, 2009

When the Universe Speaks

In an effort not to be a total slug during my crazy-schedule week, I walked/ran 3.2 miles on the treadmill on Friday morning. I walked much more than I ran, but I did get in just under 45 minutes of movement so that felt good.

I didn't run Saturday morning. I enjoyed sleeping in after being on my feet until midnight Friday night.

Then, Saturday night, once we got home from a friend's house, I went to sit down on the edge of the tub in my bathroom and rammed the center of my right kneecap into the corner of the bathroom vanity. It hurt so bad it burned and tears sprung to my eyes.

So, I'm sitting here icing it and hoping that the swelling and bruising go down. I was hoping to get in a long run on Sunday. I suppose I'll have to see how it feels in a few hours.

In the mean time, in order to take my mind off the pain and irritation, I've been reading blogs while I ice my knee. And Jamie at Oh! How Lovely! has two AWESOME give aways going on. They don't have anything to do with running. Which is good right now since I don't really want to think about it. Anyway, you can check out her posts to win the Ultimate Break Up Survival Party In a Box (I'm not breaking up with anyone, but I think she put together a drool-worthy assortment of goodies) or a $200 Gift Certificate to Ann Taylor Loft. Winning either thing would definitely distract me from how crappy I feel about not getting in as much running or gym time as I wanted to this past week.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that next week goes better.


kilax said...

Oh man. Your poor knee! I hate it when I run into things (which is quite often).

Good luck with the giveaways!

Kim in MI said...

I'm sorry about your knee! That's a bummer.

Hey, I had some questions for you! How do you deal with the potential slipperiness of running in the winter - snow and ice - and dressing for the weather?

I haven't been running in a few months because I did something to my hip back in September. But I don't want to give up and I think my hip is better, but I'm not sure how to ease back into running when I was only just getting started ...

do you have any forums / running resources you recommend?


Bayjb said...

Holy geez, sorry to hear about the knee. I hate it when you hit a body part hard enough that it brings tears to your eyes. that is the worst! Take it easy.

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