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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Wrap-Up

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Can you believe it's December 1st? I wish I knew where the time went. I've barely started gift shopping or planning for our cruise at the end of the month (yes, we're going on a cruise right after Christmas. Mexican Riviera, baby!).

I just added up my total mileage for November. It's not one of my highest months ever, but it's still over 50 miles. Total? 52.05. That includes a 5.5 mile run last night with the OPRC during which my Garmin totally crapped out on me again. Although, it may have been user error that caused it to not log 2 of the 5.5 miles. Grrr.

It wasn't my best run ever, but I suppose I can forgive myself that since I raced two GREAT 10Ks during the month of November. I think that makes up for the lowest monthly mileage yet.

What else have I accomplished in November? Although I stopped taking Pilates, I've been doing strength training on a regular basis and I tried two new cardio classes. I've run fairly regularly yet I manage to avoid the treadmill for the most part. Thank goodness for running groups!

Speaking of running groups, I ran with my lunch time group today. Less than 24 hours after running fairly fast with the OPRC. My legs felt like lead. However, I still managed to maintain a 9 minute per mile pace for 3.6 miles. It was rough, though, and everyone else totally left me in the dust. Oh well. I have a good excuse!

So, what am I looking forward to in December? Well, I don't have any races planned and most of my evenings and weekends are booked up with social, work and family events. Therefore, I have no specific numbers goals for the month. If I could keep my monthly total around 50 miles, that would be great. But, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. I would, however, like to stay in bikini shape. I suspect I'll be wearing one in a few short weeks.


kilax said...

What is your workout plan while on the cruise? Is there a fitness room?

What is going on with your Garmin?! Are you going to send it back to the manufacturer?

Bayjb said...

It's good to have flexible goals for December, it's a holiday month! Give yourself a little bit of a break. Or all that family time will inspire you more to run :)

Charlotte said...

I'm so the same way about treadmills!! I hate them - so much better ro run outside and a group makes it 10 times more fun:) I also love how flexible you are with your workout goals for Dec. That's MY new workout goal: stop being so brittle!

NeverSayDiet said...

ooh - I was in the Mexican Riviera last year for Thanksgiving and it was DIVINE! ENjoy. Check out Maroma for a crazy splurge...

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