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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Wrap Up

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August highlights:

*Volunteering at the Elvis is Alive 5K

*Hosting Take it and Run Thursday for Runners' Lounge

*Being interviewed by Runners' Lounge

*Running a 5K with Kim.

*Trying new forms of cross-training

*Running with a new running club

While not all of those things went as well as I'd hoped, I'm glad I did all of them. I ran a total of 59.97 miles in August which I think is pretty good for not really training for anything.

My original goals for this fall were to train hard for a 10K in November. While I'm still planning on running it, I don't know if I want to train hardcore or not. Additionally, I may have overscheduled myself a bit with all my cross-training classes. And, in all honesty, I skipped my run yesterday. I'll be lucky if I make 10 miles total for the week.

But, it's still early in the month. I may change my mind. After all, I do have an 8K at the end of the month! I'd love to beat my previous time of 46:59. Will I do it? Guess we'll have to wait and see.


Lindsay said...

There's a 10k at the end of October out here if you're interested! :)

Lacey Nicole said...

great wrap up! august was pretty packed, huh!

Bayjb said...

Great wrap-up, sounds like a good month :) Oh and I love that you were interviewed! yay for you.

kristen said...

Sorry to hear your so discouraged on that last post. I totally know how you feel. I started out always in the back of the pack of my running group, but I stuck with it and now there are several new members who are behind me. I'm sure there have been other runners who have shown up that run at your pace, but felt the same way you did so they bailed.

I don't really expect anyone to slow down for me in my group. I show up early and do a couple of miles at MY warm up pace then join the group ready for the speed. If you have the time beforehand, you should try it.

The good news is you splits were super fast!!

kilax said...

I bet that just from all of the running you have done this year, you will do better at the 8K! And all that cross-training should leave you more refreshed for your running!

Is the 8K the same weekend Jason is racing near Arlington Heights (I think?)? Steven keeps asking me when that is because he wants to go... ;)

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