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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to My World


First of all, I'd like to say hello and welcome and thanks for coming to those of you who clicked over from one of the various blogs I've started commenting on. Wherever you came from, I'm so glad you're here!

I admit, I LOVE comments (although, don't we all? I mean, why else do we put our thoughts out there in a public forum??). So, please, I hope that all of you who found me one way or another keep reading and commenting.

Keeping that in mind, I thought I'd pimp out my audience participation post. Jedi Dad asked if he got extra credit for audience participation. Well, I can't promise extra credit, but I can promise something!

For everyone who asks a question and references my audience participation post, I will send you a little something from my neck of the woods:

Don't like Lemonheads? How about an assortment:

Why would I send you Lemondheads (or Orangeheads or Grapeheads or any of their other friends)? Because I live across the street from the factory that makes them! When you receive your candy you can open up the box, take a big whiff, and imagine what it's like to go for a run with me in my neighborhood. Because, yes, it frequently smells of lemon, grape, or orange candy around here. Thankfully, I like those smells.

So, hit me up with a question, and I'll make sure you get your candy. Although, you should probably email me your address, too. I'll probably post answers to the questions this weekend, so let's say you have until the end of the day Saturday to get your participation points.

Tomorrow I'll post about tonight's 4 mile run and possibly my love of bandannas. Last night's Pilates and elliptical workout wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Except we did side planks! I love side planks. Although, it appears I'm the only one in the class that does since everyone else groaned and complained during our set of six (three each side). Wimps.


kristen said...

I also love side planks. They are my favorite part of my ab workout. We are FREAKS aren't we?

Oz Runner said...

stumbled on your blog...that would be fun to run with the scent of candy in the air...I don't need any candy, but how do you like the Yak Trax? I've heard mixed reviews...

Anonymous said...

There's a Nabisco factory kind of near me. Every time I pass it the smell of cookies makes me so hungry!

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