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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This One Goes to Eleven

Did you know that a LifeFitness Cross-trainer elliptical can go up to at least 11 miles per hour?

I didn't either.

Until last night.

Remember last week how I could barely keep the elliptical above 6 MPH the entire time I was on it? Last night i could barely keep it BELOW 6 MPH. Heck, for most of those 30 minutes I could barely keep it below 7 MPH.

I think it was the music. I downloaded a new song last night. I've never even seen Slumdog Millionaire but I heard "Mausam & Escape" (a song from the soundtrack) on Sound Opinions last week and I really liked it. Something about new music always puts a spring in my step when I'm doing cardio.

What about you? Do you get energized by new music or do you prefer tried-and-true favorites?


Bayjb said...

Oh those elliptical machines are nice. I have a list of favorites I listen to when i work out, but I definitely get energized by upbeat music.

Aaron Cunningham said...

I really like new music to pump me up, but most of the time I have to have heard it before the workout.

That being said, I really like Pandora on the iPhone during a workout. Since you can get a station by genre, or by a similar song, you get music that's pretty similar to what you know you like, but you may have never heard.

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