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Monday, February 2, 2009

January Wrap-Up

Photo courtesy of TSBVI.edu

As of yesterday, I am officially four weeks into training for my April 11th half-marathon.

What did I accomplish in the month of January?

Well, I started this blog for one! And I've posted about every training run and a few things in between.

I ran a total of 52.5 miles. All but 12 of those were run on the treadmill. I suppose that having a goal to aim for really does motivate you to get on that treadmill even when you don't think you can face another hamster-like run.

I did my first speedwork run ever and I did it well. That doesn't mean that I'm not apprehensive about the one next week, though.

I bought YaxTrax and ran on snow. I'd always said before that I'd run if it was warm and wet or cold and dry but not cold and wet. That's not true anymore!

The downside is that I've developed a few niggling pains. My right hip tends to be sore for two days or so after doing a long run and the bottoms of my feet are tight when I get up in the morning. I suppose I should find a sports medicine doctor to meet with before either of these things turn into something major.

This week is a "step-back" week meaning that I run three shorter runs instead of slowly building my mileage over the week. I'm hopeful that my new shoes will get here this week, too.

Anyway, now that we're a month into my training and my blogging about it, I figured I'd throw some audience participation into the mix. Do any of you have any questions you'd like to ask? They can be related to my training, my choice of races, my running history, my life in general, anything you want. Feel free to leave them as a comment or just email them to me (a2116 at me dot com). Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some of you!