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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Runner's Trots and Pit Stops


Yesterday was supposed to my long run for this training week. One 7 mile run at 11:02 minutes per mile. However, I was busy yesterday and by the time I got home from actually having a social life I wasn't in the mood to run. So, I decided to put my long run off til today. Also, last night I decided that to see what the Runner's World SmartCoach had to say if I entered my most recent 10K time of 1:00:08 instead of my most recent (and fastest time ever) 5K time of 27:23. The minute per mile paces for my various runs ended up being about 30 second slower using my 10K time. Therefore, I decided to try to keep the pace for my runs no slower than the times suggested by the 10K-based plan and no faster than the ones suggested by the 5K-based plan. I think this will keep me from feeling frustrated if I fail at meeting the paces laid out in my original 5K-based training plan.

So, this morning I slept in, ate pancakes and an egg for breakfast, burned the first 5 episodes of How I Met Your Mother to DVD, drank lots of water, and grabbed a few tortilla chips before hopping on the treadmill. I set the treadmill to 5.2 MPH (that's about an 11:32 minute/mile pace which is exactly what the 10K plan suggested for this run).

I made it just around 3 miles before I accidentally pulled the emergency stop line on the treadmill bringing me to a screeching halt and clearing my time and distance gauges. Oops. At least I had recently looked at the screen and knew about how far I'd gone. So, I started it back up and moved the speed up to 5.3 MPH.

And that's when the intestinal cramps hit me. I made it another three quarters of a mile before I HAD to stop and run for the restroom. Thank goodness I was in my own basement and not far away from the toilet. Ugh. As I sat there sweating I wondered what could be causing this. Did I need more water? Did I need more salt? Did I need more carbs? What was going on? I drank some water and ate a few more tortilla chips and headed back downstairs. The cramps stayed at bay for a while but then reared their ugly heads once again. All in all, I had to take three restroom breaks during those last 3.25 miles. But, I finished all 7 miles mostly at the 11:32 pace.

I still don't know what caused the cramping. I admit I felt a little dizzy and light headed each time I got off the treadmill for a restroom break. Did I wait too long after eating breakfast to run? Did I not wait long enough? I was also having some intestinal issues yesterday but I chalked that up to nervousness about attending a new social event. But perhaps that wasn't the reason. Maybe the sore throat I thought I'd been fighting off has settled in my gut. Whatever the cause, it wasn't fun and I really hope I don't experience this during any of my runs during this upcoming week. Runs on the run equal not so fun.


Lindsay said...

I've had that cramping before. Unfortunately, mine weren't in my basement. They were at the Y and outside. Not fun. But yea, I haven't been able to tell what causes it either.

Good job on the 7 miles though! And yea for How I Met Your Mother! LOVE THE SHOW! Ted & Robin reminds me of another couple there were together. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! It works. I thought as long as I'm signed in to google, I'm signed in to blogger. Hmmm.

Anyways, I am glad you were on your treadmill at least! Runner's trots are the WORST. I don't get them too often, but David sure does. We're never sure what causes it.

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