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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

July 11 - July 17

The is going to be a short post. Basically I did bupkis while on vacation and the lazy carried over into my weekend.

July 11

The day after my duathlon I woke up to a huge storm. Thank goodness the weather waited to turn after my race! Spent the morning inside watching the storm rage over Lake Michigan and did some shopping in the afternoon.

July 12

Much better weather! Beach day for sure and then exploring a nearby town.

July 13

Went to the farmer's market and sat outside eating fresh strawberries and baked goods. Then it was back to the rental house to prep for the arrival of the rest of my family.

July 14

I laid outside on the deck reading my Kindle until I had to get in the car and drive back to Chicago.

July 15

I still had the day off work so I attempted to do the 20 mile morning ride that I did the previous week but I got to the meeting spot too late and everyone had already left. Yes, I could have tried to catch up with them or do my own bike ride but the logistics were such that I just went back home and tried to catch up on emails before heading to the Cubs game with my coworkers. Three beers and a lovely afternoon later I found myself asleep on the couch.

July 16

I set my alarm and laid out my running clothes but when the buzzer sounded at 6:00 AM I rolled over and went back to sleep. Apparently my body is still in vacation mode.

Later in the day, though, I managed to squeeze in a strength workout in the basement.
3x10 Deadlifts
2x10 Push Presses
2x10 Dumbbell row
2x10 Step ups
2x15 Swiss Ball Crunch
2x10 Push Ups
2x10 Swiss Ball Bridge
2x10 Swiss Ball Bridge w/pull ins
July 17

Jason and I had grand plans to get up and get in a bike ride before the impending heat wave descended on us, but the pull of the bed was too strong. Ah, well. I suppose I'll just call this my cut back week and be done with it.

I feel a little guilty that I never managed to take advantage of the awesome biking and running paths in Grand Haven while on vacation but I also enjoyed not having to think about getting in a workout. Monday will be a fresh start!

Total running mileage: 0
Total strength training: 1
Total biking mileage: 3.5