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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

July 4 - July 10

July 4

How did I spend my Independence Day? Running freeeee! Actually, running a 4 mile race. 5.31 miles total when you include the warm-up.

And if you ever wanted a sign that I left as much as I could out on the course, here it is:

July 5

I was a workout warrior on Tuesday! I did a 4 mile run with Kim and a few other people from my work running group over lunch. It was hot. It was sunny. We still did really well. My Garmin ate the stats, though. But based on Kim's Garmin we managed a 9:24 pace. Not bad, not bad.

Then in the evening I decided I wanted to do something different. My love affair with NROLW might be waning. As the workouts get longer and take up more time I'm not feeling like spending so much of my evening on it. So last minute I checked my gym's group fitness schedule and saw something new: Yoga Sculpt. Yoga with weights. Okay, I'm in.

The 45 minute long class started out as a regular yoga class, somewhat similar to the one I sometimes do on Saturday mornings. But about halfway through we switched to doing various poses while holding weights. I stuck with 5-pounders and that was plenty for my first time. Especially when you're supposed to hold chair pose or warrior two with weights in your hands. I was dripping with sweat at the end. And my arms were pretty sore the next day. I'll definitely be back!

July 6

5.69 miles, most of which were half marathon pace. Plus the bike ride to and from the track for a total of about 6 miles.

July 7

This is what happens when I don't update my log every single day. I have no idea what I did on this Thursday! I know I didn't bike or run. Did I strength train? I don't remember! I'm going to go with no. But I can't recall why.

July 8

First day of vacation! Because I didn't have to go into the office I was able to ride all the way downtown and all the way back with the morning bike crew. I had some Garmin issues but basically I rode almost 20 miles. No speed demons here, though. It was a nice, sedate pace.

Bike Ride Downtown and Back by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

July 9

Rest day! Actually, we drove to Grand Haven, Michigan and I got all marked up for my duathlon.

July 10

Grand Haven Duathlon!! Two 3.1 mile runs and one 12.4 mile bike ride. What a fun way to start a week of relaxing.

Total running mileage: 21.2
Total biking mileage: 38
Total strength training sessions: 1