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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

June 6 - June 12

June 6

Now, normally I would run on Monday night. But when I got home from work and realized it was over 90oF with a heat index of almost 100 I said "No way! I do NOT need to run that badly." Plus, I'm still getting over this stupid cold.

So instead I went into my semi-cool basement and lifted weights with a fan blowing on me.
2x10 Push presses
2x10 Step Ups
2x10 Dumbbell one point row
2x10 Static lunge w/rear foot elevated
2x10 Push Ups
2x60 sec Planks
2x10 Horizontal Wood Chop
I seem to be backsliding on the planks. There were lots of 1 and 2 second cheating breaks. But maybe that's because I've made huge gains in both the push presses and the step ups. Seriously, listen to this:

Back in February when I was doing CrossFit I could do a push press with the 45 pound bar but it was a struggle to do more than 4 or 5. Monday night I did 10 with 45 pounds on the bar and then did another 10 with 50 pounds on the bar. I only struggled on the last two of the second set.

And those step ups? When I first started back in January I couldn't even use weights. Now I can do them with 15 pounds in each hand.

June 7

Rest day! I attended my running club's monthly meeting where I was voted VP of Communications and Marketing and listened to two running shoe store employees talk all about running shoes.

June 8

Another rest day. Not only was the temp up in the high 90s again, but this was my only chance really to pack before the Ragnar Madison to Chicago relay that started on Friday! So, after one last minute trip to REI, I stuffed one bag full of food, one bag full of clothes, and one bag full of miscellaneous gear. And, yes, I used a list. There's no way I'd remember everything otherwise. Ever packed for two days worth of running while living out of a van? I hadn't either until now.

Also while at REI I bought my first pair of bike shorts!

Technically they are triathlon shorts because I figured those would be easier to run in than regular bike shorts. Also, I've decided that bike shorts are officially the least flattering piece of clothing on the planet.

June 9

Another rest day. I promise, I wasn't being lazy. I was tapering. Yeah, that's it. Actually, Thursday night I had an awards banquet to attend after work so that's why there was a whole lot of nothing going on.

June 10

Relay starts! Off to the races with a 5.8 mile run.

June 11

Relay ends! Only after I ran 4 miles and then 8.2 miles. Yes, my last leg was the longest. Cruel, isn't it?

However, I learned a few things from this experience.

1. Adrenaline is more important than sleep
2. It is possible to get REALLY sick of Gatorade and Clif Bars
3. I can wear my contacts for 30+ hours
4. Sleeping on a hard wood floor with no padding isn't that bad
5. A $2 high school cafeteria cheeseburger can be the best thing you've ever eaten.
6. You never really get used to port-a-potties. Although, after using too many it make take you a second to remember you have to flush when using indoor plumbing.

And, amazingly, my left leg held up great! Nothing hurt on it after running.

June 12

Call me crazy, but even though my quads were definitely "toilet sore" (as in, so sore it hurts to sit down on the toilet) after the relay, I decided to join Kim for a bike ride. Hey, it's supposed to help with the soreness if you get up and moving, right? Plus, I do have that pesky duathlon in a few weeks.

So after 13 hours of sleep and a huge plate of biscuits and gravy, I drove to the Des Plaines River Trail outside Lincolnshire, IL to ride with Kim.

I gave my new bike shorts a test run. They worked well! We rode just over 15 miles at a nice, 12 MPH pace.

This was my first time taking my road bike on a crushed limestone path and I'm happy to report it went fine.

Kim & Erin Bike 6/12/11 by theskaff at Garmin Connect - Details

And then this is where you'll think we're really crazy. We ran 2 miles after getting off our bikes! My very first "brick" workout!

Brick Workout #1 by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

I'm glad I did at least one before the duathlon, though. Your legs really do feel strange when you run immediately after getting off the bicycle.

I wore my Ragnar Relay shirt 'cause I'm badass

Total running mileage: 20
Total strength workouts: 1
Total bike mileage: 15.04

Quite a few firsts this week. First pair of bike shorts, first relay race, first bike ride over 13 miles, first brick workout. I may have been a bit of a weekend warrior but it was all great fun.