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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Wrap-Up


It feels weird to be writing a monthly summary AFTER running my half marathon but not including the race in the summary. I guess that's what happens when you run a race on the first day of a new month.

So those 13.1 miles won't get included in this summary. But just you wait; May's summary will be a doozy!

But before I get there, let's discuss April.

Total mileage for the month: 79.71 miles
Total races for the month: 1
Total PRs for the month: 1

So, yes, in April I ran almost 80 miles, raced a 5K and got myself another personal record time. Most of my training runs went well and even though I had to swap a few things around and miss some runs due to scheduling conflicts I didn't freak out.

Overall I'd say April was a good month. I wish I had more to say about it. Mostly I just write these posts so that when I do my year in review I can quickly see my monthly totals and jog (heh) my memory. Also because I like routine.

So, instead of blathering on about something just to fill the space, I'll ask you: do you track your workouts? If so, how? And how much detail do you record?


Kelly said...

I use buckeyeoutdoors.com. Now it syncs with my Garmin (When I have one again) so that's great. I don't really include much else cause I have the blog and post about my really exciting runs. I may put on there "TM" or "gym" to let future me know it was done inside. Or maybe which route I ran if I feel like it.

Anne said...

When I first started running I wrote my workouts in a training diary...then I started blogging and figured it was enough. But, I've been seriously considering using a diary again. To keep better track of exact workouts and feelings about said workouts.

kristen said...

I wonder this all the time. If you get some good advice post about it...

I just recently started using an old fashoioned journal (pen and paper). I havn't been blogging regularly and since my training volume has increased I want to look back. I usually just record distance and and times, but what I really SHOULD record is effort, what I ate, how I felt etc... It seems so time consuming and if I go a couple of days without jotting my notes it turns into a big project. Still trying to figure it out I guess.

kilax said...

Ha. Even though I read the first two paragraphs, when I got to the part with 1 PR, I thought, wait, what about WI? Duh...

I only track on garmin connect and on the weekly recaps on my blog. I feel like my recaps are detailed enough that I can remember the run and how I felt... but I bet they could be more detailed!

Evolving Through Running said...

I'm a slave to my training spreadsheet. I put my data into Garmin Connect, but I log the miles, pace, and notes about each run (which shoes, aches and pains, etc.) in an excel spreadsheet. I've added some columns lately to track my therapy for some injuries, and my strength training since that was a big recommendation from my therapist. Didn't realize how much I had gotten used to updating the Excel until I couldn't run recently. Went through nerd withdrawal.

Having that journal was very helpful with the orthopedist and the therapist in terms of identifying when injuries started, and what may have contributed. Hopefully that's not a benefit that you'll ever have to take advantage of.

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