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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Run


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Imagine four little runners way off in the distance and you'll have an idea of what we were doing yesterday. That's Soldier Field in background. We run right by there.

Yes, you know you're a crazy runner when you head out for a lunch time run in the cold November drizzle. Thankfully, there were 4 of us that were crazy enough to run at lunch yesterday. My Garmin, on the other hand, decided it wanted nothing to do with me and failed to respond to any button pushing or bezel tapping. It was content to inform me that it was 8:16AM on November 19th. Except that it wasn't. I was surprisingly zen about the whole thing. The rain, the cold, the lack of Garmin. I figured the rain would make my hair curly. I'd warm up after a few minutes. And I'd figure out the Garmin issue one way or another.

So, I have no idea how fast we were running. But I do know we went somewhere between 4 and 4.5 miles. I'm going to go with 4.5 because, hey, why not? Also, the sun came out during the second half of our run and I actually felt a little too warm in my capris and long-sleeved shirt.

And, yes, they talked me into the 10K on Sunday. Again, why not? I don't expect to PR and yesterday's run felt okay. I just hope we figure out where to meet ahead of time so that I'm not standing around alone. What's the point of agreeing to run a race with other people if you can't find anyone else who said they'd be there?

The other nice thing about running at lunch? You don't have to do cardio at the gym that evening! Instead, I did 45 minutes of weights combining some of the exercises the trainer showed me with the printout from the training software program.

On Wednesday night I tried out the actual FITJam class at the gym. This is the one that's a combo of all different dance styles. It was okay. I certainly worked up a good sweat. I didn't love the instructor, though. Or, really, many of the moves. However, some of that may have been because I didn't know the steps or the music. I think I'm going to try alternating between this class and the one right after it (the Hi/Lo class). Hopefully after a few weeks I'll have a good feel for which one I like better. Either way, they're both great cardio and a nice change from running or ellipticalling. What's your favorite way to get in cardio (other than running)?


Lindsay said...

45 minutes of weights?! Damn! Good job! I'm starting to get into the weights myself, but mostly just the dumbells.

celmore said...

If I'm not running...then it has to be CrossFit, then cycling, and the swimming.

lifestudent said...

Way to go! I cant believe you are out there doing 4-5 miles at lunch :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I always think I'll hate running when it's raining, but it's never as bad as I think if I actually get my ass out there.

Today, however, I'm wimping out in favor of weights!

RunningLaur said...

So cool that you did a FitJam class! I feel like if I had better (like free?) access to classes I'd do them - but I'm so stuck in running right now!

Bayjb said...

Jesus 45 minutes of weights? You are machine. I do 30 and am DONE after that. Also, I love that you go run in the rain at lunch, that's hard core woman.

kilax said...

What a fun lunch time run! I wonder what is up with your Garmin. Hmm, you still haven't come up with a name for it!

I would be so uncoordinated in an aerobics class. I hope you try it one more time to see if it goes better :)

My favorite non-running cardio is biking! :) Not that I am good at it. I just find it peaceful.

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