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Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking Ahead

It's that time of year again when you start looking ahead. This season usually feels so rushed that I prefer to take my time and savor it, but I know that if I don't start planning my racing calendar I'll miss signing up for some races as well as double book myself.

So, here's my tentative plan so far (totally subject to change):


S-NO-W Fun Run 5 Miler

My running group is doing this one as our winter group "race". Apparently it's quite the fun time seeing as how the run is followed by a huge party (with Schnapps at the finish line!). I'm already registered and planning to share a room with another club member.


Frosty Footrace 5K

Kim and I did this race last year. This year we've vowed to defend our second place spots in our respective age groups. Or just have fun :-)


March Madness Half Marathon

Another OPRC favorite that I'm hoping to attempt. The key here is actually getting registered! Apparently it sells out super-fast. Last year I was on a cruise ship when registration opened. This year? I'm going to try for it.


April's where it starts to get dicey. Racing season starts for real in April in the Midwest and the calendar starts to fill up. With...

Race That's Good for Life 5K

This is my running club's annual race so I'm definitely planning on running it. As well as volunteering to hang signs, stuff packets, and I'm sure lots of other things.

Cleveland 10 Miler

There's a rumor that my friend Rae would like to attempt this race. If she'd have me, I'd love to be there by her side. This is the weekend before one of my goal races for the year so I could treat it like a training run and help pace Rae.

Illinois I-Challenge

I'm definitely doing the half-marathon in my hometown. This was my first half marathon. Now they've changed the course so that it goes by my parents' house! This year the race organizers are doing something a little different. The I-Challenge means you run the 5K race on Friday night and then either the half or the full marathon on Saturday morning. What's a little 3.1 mile warm up the night before?

April also starts the CARA Circuit Races which have not been announced. Since I've gotten more involved in my running club I'd like to try and earn some points for them by running more CARA races. Once the official Circuit is announced I'll have to try and slot those races into my schedule.


Wisconsin Half Marathon

The weekend after the Illinois Half Marathon is the Wisconsin Half Marathon. I ran this last year and totally bonked. Kim wants to run this again this year and I would love to run it for fun. Plus, worst case scenario, I bonk at Illinois and get to redeem myself in Wisconsin.

Quarryman Challenge 10 Miler

This is the alternative to the Wisconsin Half Marathon. It's on the same day so I can't do both. My running group at work does the Quarryman every year so this would be my back up plan if we decide not to do Wisconsin.

May will also include the Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile and possibly the Solider Field 10 Miler. I also heard some talk about a 20 miler on May 14th?


MetLife Duathlon

As part of my goals I want to do at least one duathlon. The MetLife one looks good because it's semi-local (45 minutes south) and it's an easily attainable distance (2 mile run, 11 mile bike, 2 mile run).

Ragnar Relay: Madison to Chicago

The "leader" of my work running group floated the idea of all of us doing the Madison to Chicago relay. You get a team of 12 people together and during this 24 hour race each person runs 3 legs of 3-8 miles each. It sounds complicated. It sounds crazy. And it sounds like fun. It's looking like we can easily find 12 people so I'm thinking this is going on the schedule.


Grand Haven Duathlon

This is my dream duathlon but I don't know if I want to sign up for it without ever having done one. The distances aren't that daunting (5k run, 20k bike, 5k run) but I'd hate to make a mini-vacation out of it and be miserable. Plus, it's only two weeks after the one in June. Although, my mom loved Grand Haven so maybe I can convince her to make it a mini-vacation with me? What do you think, mom?

The rest of the summer/fall is still open. I suspect there will be lots of CARA Circuit Races followed by...


Las Vegas Marathon

Yes, my second marathon. Hopefully in a location where it won't be 85oF on race day. Fingers crossed, anyway. This is also an OPRC-fueled event and although I've read the course is kind of boring (except for the parts on the strip) I think that might be what I need. And, hey, I've done the local marathon. Time to branch out!

I know it's crazy to think you have to plan these things out so far in advance. But, really, the earlier you register the better price you get. Speaking of which, I may need to win the lottery in order to pay for all these races! But, wait, it's not too late for Christmas gifts, is it? How about a race registration or three?


kilax said...

I don't think it's crazy AT ALL to plan these things out in advance (of course, you know that about me). I have a list of races I am targeting for next year. So far, one every month until June!

When do you think you will register for the I-Challenge and Las Vegas Full? I still think our back to back halfs will be fun if we are both up for the challenge.

I am excited you found a race in January! That will be so much fun!

And go for the Grand Haven duathlon. I know you can do it!

kilax said...

P.S. I asked for registration for the WI half for Christmas. Of course, I have asked for it for the past two years too... but I think race registration is actually a good gift, if you know for sure the person wants to do the race!

Jacob said...

Sounds good. Especially the Quarryman and the March Madness. I definitely hope to join you for those.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That is a great gift to ask for! And I would totally plan ahead to run those, especially if it's cheaper :) Looks like a good list!

Lindsay said...

Funny, I have 2 friends that did a Madison to Chicago relay in June last year but it was called MC200. That's an option as well. I think they're creating another team for it this year. Jesse was one of them.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of races for next year. Good luck! Asking for a race registration is a great idea for a gift.

Anonymous said...

You are running such fun races! I would LOVE to do a duathlon. I might do a tri in the spring with a friend, but honestly HATE swimming. We'll see how that works out.

And I've heard REALLY good things about Ragnar races! I just looked and there aren't any in Indy, bummer. :-( You are going to have one exciting year!

Mica said...

I'm trying to get in 12 races before I turn another year older, and I'm only six down! I might have to come join you and Kim for the Frosty Footrace!!

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