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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Icy Hot

As our club president said last night, welcome to the first Monday night run of the winter! Of course, winter hasn't officially started yet but tell that to Mother Nature. With the snow we got over the weekend and the below freezing temps we've had ever since you'd have to be crazy to run!

We'll there were quite a few of us crazy people out there on Monday night. I started out running pretty fast (for me) but slowly backed off so I could chat with a few of the other runners. I hadn't been out with the Monday night crew in a month and it was nice to run with them again.

Monday night run
Mile 1 - 9:07
Mile 2 - 9:24
Mile 3 - 9:26
Mile 4 - 9:39
Mile 5 - 9:52
Mile .52 - 5:40 (includes stop for traffic)

Believe it or not, even though the temps were hovering around 20oF or lower it didn't feel all that bad outside. In fact, in my long-sleeved top and my fleece jacket I was too warm. The jacket was soaking wet by the time I got home. Ewww. My lips, though, may never be the same. Running in cold weather chaps them something fierce.

My right knee does not particularly like this weather either. It was pretty stiff for the rest of the night and the stairs were not my friend. I know I should ice it but, really, who wants to stick ice on their leg when the temps are below freezing?

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kilax said...

I was going to ask you - does your group run in the street during winter? I may have to start running in the street. Not many people shovel on the "house" side of my neighborhood.

Did you ever get a jacket (like you were looking for at the expo)? I got a new jacket so I wouldn't have to wear cotton. It was wet last night, but not soaking.

Ditto on the chapped lips. And feeling warm enough! If there was no snow on the trails and no ice on the sidewalks winter running would be a breeze!

Okay, this is getting really long, but I was thinking the same thing after my last long run - that I should take an ice bath but it seemed crasy in the cold weather! I hope your knee is better!

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