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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post-Vacation Running

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So, I did not end up running at all in Savannah. Even though I naturally woke up around 6:45 or 7AM most days, I decided that the heat and humidity was too much and usually rolled back over and went back to sleep. Part of me is sad that I don't get to add another state to my list of places I've run but another part of me is happy that I was able to fully enjoy my vacation instead of being wiped out by getting up early and trying to slog through the 90oF with 85% humidity mornings. Of course, I kept myself plenty busy seeing the sights of Savannah.

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All of that means that I went 7 full days without running before I headed out last night with my running group.

My marathon training plan had me doing a tempo run with a one mile warm-up, 4 miles at 9:05, and a .5 mile cool down. Due to some user error with the Garmin (hey, I hadn't used it in almost 8 days. I was out of practice!) I didn't record the majority of the run. I will say, though, that I'm pretty sure we weren't running 9:05. Probably closer to 9:15. And my last mile and a half was MUCH slower. Regardless, it felt rough. 5.5 miles after a week of not running? I was VERY glad for the water and Gatorade break at mile 4.

I also rode my bike to and from running group and didn't feel nearly as nervous as the last time. But maybe that's why my quads are so sore today. Hmmmm....

Now it's back to the daily grind. I'm planning to get back into my gym routine, go on some bike rides with Jason, and try out that free week of yoga coupon. All while continuing to marathon train. I've also got a 4 mile race coming up on Saturday morning. Should be exciting!


kilax said...

Have you run in Iowa yet?

Good thing I read this about the Garmin - I have to remember to set ours on running and pace per mile (rather than bike and speed, although, the website does give you both stats).

It still sounds like you were going pretty fast! And I am happy to hear you were less nervous on the bike!

lifestudent said...

Looks so beautiful. My in-laws went to Savannah and said it was beautiful. That humidity can pretty much push anyone not to run, but at least you were enjoying yourself while NOT running ;)

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