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Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Snoozing

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After a long day at work and a slight sinus headache I seriously considered skipping my track workout and snoozing on the couch. Thank goodness that I do track with an awesome group of people. I tell you, if it wasn't for them there is no way I would motivate myself to get out there.

But, get out there I did. Although, I admit, I didn't push myself quite as hard as last week. Actually, for that 4th 800 I felt like I was running through sand. It was tough! But I rallied and still managed to get progressively faster during the 400s.

Half mile warm-up

1st 800: 3:50

(30 second rest)
2nd 800: 3:52
(Full recovery)
3rd 800: 3:53
(30 second rest)
4th 800: 4:00
(Full recovery)
5th 800: 3:54
(Full recovery)

1st 400: 1:55
(30 second rest)
2nd 400: 1:53
(Full recovery)
3rd 400: 1:51
(30 second rest)
4th 400: 1:47

Cool-down mile: 9:42

Total mileage: 5.06

I apparently had a few user-error Garmin issues so I'm not sure on the times for my warm-up and the time for the 1st 800 is based on memory. And let me tell you, trying to remember something from a time when your brain was begging for oxygen is not easy.

And, because I am awesome, I not only managed to work a full day and run 5 miles of speedwork, but I also had dinner on the table before 8:30 PM. Actually, 8:30 PM for dinner probably sounds really late to most people but I consider it an accomplishment. Dinner before 8 PM is actually an anomaly in our house. What time do you normally eat dinner?


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Good lord you are superwoman! I try to eat dinner by 8, I hate dining really late but I really try to eat before 9 because I hate going to bed really full.

Jamie said...

Nice job on the speed workout! And good for you getting dinner on the table. At that point we would have been picking up something or going out to eat :)

kilax said...

Great job on the 400s (and 800s)! It will be fun to look back at the end of the summer and mark your progress!

I didn't know you were a cheezburger fan!

When Steven and I were running together in the evenings we would eat around 8:00 or 8:30. But now that we are lazy bums, it is more like 7:00.

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