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Friday, June 11, 2010

I Spy


Something you don't want to see on your strength training workout sheet when you've just run 1.5 miles to the gym and will have to run the 1.5 miles home:


Something you are not expecting to pass on the sidewalk during your run home from the gym:

Note: this is not a photo of the mariachi band I saw. This is just a tribute.

Something you wish you would see after your run and strength training:


Yes, I ran to the gym last night. I didn't want to go from Wednesday to Sunday without any running at all. Plus, last night was gorgeous. Overcast and breezy and not very humid. Lovely.

I inwardly groaned when I printed out my strength training workout and realized that the focus was legs. I was not looking forward to my run home. Still, I did my workouts, managed all the reps at the listed weight (including two sets of 12 push ups), and headed home.

That must be what a brick workout feels like. My legs felt like lead and yet I was running at essentially the same pace I had gone on the way to the gym. And, yes, I passed a mariachi band on the sidewalk. They weren't playing, sadly. But what a random thing to run past on a Thursday evening!

Jason was wonderful enough to make dinner so I came home to tacos. I've also had this bottle of red wine (Railroad Red, to be specific) open for probably too long and I really want to finish it off. However, I find that if I drink alcohol after a run I wake up so dehydrated the next day no matter how much water I drink. It sucks! Does this happen to anyone else? Last night, though, I took a chance and after drinking a glass of water with dinner I had a glass of wine with dessert. There's still one more glass left in the bottle. I think I'll finish that off tonight.

Overall I did 3.2 miles broken up by 45 minutes of strength training in the middle. The run segments felt good and the strength training felt good. Life is good :-)


lifestudent said...

I'ts only been a few times in my life, but ever been driving and seen a clown in the car next to / near you? Like on a Saturday afternoon they're going to a kids birthday party or something? Very freaky :)

kilax said...

Where was the mariachi band? It would have been fun to hear them playing.

I think it would be fun to try a brick workout even if I wasn't training for a tri. Maybe we can do that with our bikes later this summer! (You will totally smoke me :) )

Ha. Well. I was dehydrated this morning... after those "shots" last night so I am not sure if that counts at all. ;) I did wake up with an awful headache and am still trying to make it go away.

Has your work running group switched to mornings yet?

Anne said...

Great workout girl!!

As for the wine, if I just have one glass, I'm usually okay after a run...and I like having that one glass :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my gosh you really saw a marichi band on your run? That's awesome! If that picture was actually them that would have been hilarious as well. Wine should be waiting for you after EVERY run.

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