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Monday, August 6, 2012

Runs and Slides

When I last left you I had spent my workout hours biking instead of running.

Well, on Thursday I got in a run.  An almost 5 mile run.  Before work.

Yeah, that is NOT my standard M.O.

But Emily and I agreed to meet up before work to get in some miles. 

So, at 6:00 AM we started out on what was originally going to be a 3 or 3.5 mile run.  But I think we just were enjoying ourselves so much that we extended it to almost 5! 

The only time I can get up and run that early is if A. there’s a race or B. I’m meeting someone.  Otherwise it’s practically impossible to get myself up and out the door before work. 

I hope I can run before work with Emily more often.  It was really nice to have my workout out of the way.  Even if I was pretty tired by the end of the day.

And speaking of getting up early to run with friends, Kim and I ran together on Saturday morning.  We did 8 miles.  This is currently my 2012 distance record!  We were in Guttenberg, Iowa to play on the river.  But first we wanted to get in our run.  So, at 6:30 AM we stepped outside into cooler temps than I’d felt in a while.

Our run went really well and I didn’t feel sore during or after.  And post-run there were drinks.

iphone_pics 104

Although, after trying 9 different kinds of bloody marys I have decided I’m not a fan.  Chocolate covered cake balls, though?  Those I like.  They make a pretty good bloody mary chaser.

So while it was a pretty good day for running (and drinking) it wasn’t that great for playing in the water.  Luckily the rain that showed up post-party went away and we managed to get to the beach for a bit.

Originally I wasn’t too gung-ho on the whole beach thing because it wasn’t that hot outside.  But then someone said there was a slide set-up on the beach.  Now THAT sounds like fun.


iphone_pics 108 

We then proceeded to spend the rest of our beach time in the water since the river was warmer than the air temperature! 

iphone_pics 115

iphone_pics 120


This week I’m going to focus on getting in three runs and more strength sessions than I have been doing lately.  And doing my PT exercises.  Can’t forget about those!