A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Running Surprises

Things I discovered last week while working out:

1. How difficult it is to run an additional half mile after running 5.5 and then sitting on a train for 40 minutes. 

Monday night I did 5.5 miles with my running club then ran home from the train station so I ended up with a total of just over 6 miles for the night.  But, ugh, let me tell you how difficult it is to run an extra half mile after sitting on a train for 40 minutes.  Embarrassingly difficult, actually.

2. The ease of grabbing a strength workout from a pile of options

Tuesday I went down to the gym in my building and did some of my PT exercises and then did a strength workout.  I have a whole stack of workouts that I’ve built up by now so I just grab a paper out of the stack and do that one.  Easy.

3.  That sometimes you DO regret a workout. 

Broken Pedal

On Wednesday I was going to ride the upright stationary bike in my building’s gym but one of the pedals was broken.  Okay, irritating, but I’ll just switch to the recumbent bike.  Except for some reason the screen on that one wasn’t working so I had no way to adjust the resistance.  Still, I pedaled half-heartedly for the length of an episode of Supernatural on my iPhone via Netflix.  One of those workouts that left me more grumpy than refreshed.

4.  An idea for a weekend outing!


Thursday morning I met up with Emily for another 5ish mile run before starting the rest of my day.  While running we discovered the Festa Italiana was starting that evening!  I took advantage of this festival of food and drink on Saturday afternoon and it was wonderful. I highly recommend this neighborhood festival to my fellow Chicagoans! 

5.  Friday afternoons are busy gym times.

At least, the gym in our building seems to get busy on Fridays!  Jason and I went down there on Friday when I got home from work and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get in my entire workout because someone was using the equipment I needed!  This is a new phenomenon.  Thankfully he finished and I was able to do the YTWL exercise.  Try it.  It will seriously challenge your shoulders and upper back.

6.  Emily!

I thought the highlight of my Saturday morning run was going to be the cool weather.  And then I thought it was going to be that I ran past a Harry Potter convention playing Quidditch.  But the biggest highlight was running to Emily on the lakefront path!  We ended up running together and, in the end, I ran 9.75 miles which is the most I’ve run since December 2011.  What a great morning!

7.  That it’s okay to skip exercises even if they’re on the list.

On Sunday I grabbed a workout from the stack and went down to the gym.  I did my PT exercises and then started in on my workout.  But after doing the squat and push-press exercise with the barbell I realized my right wrist was bothering me.  So, I skipped the push-ups portion of my workout.  I also swapped out the step-ups for some more PT exercises.  It feels pretty good to know my body and when I should and shouldn’t push it.  Doesn’t mean I always listen, but I try.