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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Perfect Storm

After essentially not running at lunch all summer due to scheduling issues, I was finally able to get out there yesterday. Unfortunately most of the regular crew was unavailable but, thankfully, one of my female running buddies came out to run.

It wasn't a fast run, by any means. We both ran the Chicago Marathon and, as we discussed, have actually been slacking a bit in the running department. Lately I'm lucky if I get in two runs a week.

I wore capris and my long-sleeved Chicago Half Marathon shirt. It was the first time I'd worn that shirt and it turned out to be more like a tent than a top. Dear Race Organizers: PLEASE have women's cut shirts. Please please please. A men's small is NOT the same as a women's small. And to add insult to injury I didn't really need a long-sleeved top. It was a a lot warmer than it originally seemed and I was hot by the end of the first mile.

At least until we turned around to do the "back" portion of our out-and-back route. When we'd started the sun was shining but when we started heading back towards downtown we saw the dark and ominous clouds that had rolled in from the northwest. The air temperature seemed to drop and we got hit with a few raindrops. Thankfully we made it back before the rain really started.

We did our 4 mile route (which is actually more like 5) and averaged a 9:50 pace with a few pauses for traffic. Sadly, I don't have my fun stats or maps to show you because Bones in Motion (the website I used to use) was bought by Adidas miCoach which currently does not support Garmin data uploads. Boo to that!

Do you use any online run statistic trackers? If so, which ones?


Anonymous said...

I've been using Nike+ because I got the wristband watch this spring. However it's been so glitchy after ~6 months, that I'm putting a Garmin on my list for xmas!

I used just the Nike+ site for most of the summer, but in August started keeping track in my own google spreadsheet. I'd love to learn more about other sites where you can get different statistics about your runs!

kilax said...

Oh man! What are you going to do about BIM? What a bummer that they are not cooperating with Garmin. As you know, I use Garmin Connect. I think you can export to blogger on it, but I have not tried it.

Good news - the WI marathon/half is offering women's cut shirts this year!

I bet it was fun to catch up with your running buddy and talk about the marathon! :)

Dragonslayer said...

i use Garmin Connect to capture the data, but I sync it to DailyMile for the social aspects

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

My friends that run love the Garmin product to track and map their runs. All of them highly rave about it.

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