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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Absentminded Runner

Before I post about the Turkey Trot 10K I feel I need to make a post about Thursday's run. I mentioned that I hoped to get in a short run on Thursday at lunch. Well, I completely forgot to pack my bag the night before (trying to cram in a panel speaking engagement, a trip to the gym, and dinner will do that to you). I threw some items in my bag in the morning and, per usual when I do that, I ran down the inventory of important things as I walked to the train.

Shoes? Check
Bottoms? Check
Tops? Check
Sports bra? Check
Socks? Check
Towel? Check
Face wash? Check
Make up? Check
Hair brush? Check
Deodorant? Check
Gloves? Check
Hair tie? Check

Alright, good to go. All the essentials were packed.

Do you notice anything missing?

How about the Garmin and my visor? Yeah, those were not-so-check.

Which means that I ran 3 miles sans visor and with no idea of my pace. I only know the distance because we ran the usual 3 mile route. And when I say "we" I mean me and one of the faster guys in our group. Yep, the only people man enough (or with enough free time) to brave Thursday's chilly and overcast weather were me and Hap.

Hap told me I could set the pace but I hate doing that when running with someone faster. So, I pushed it hard for the first mile and a half and (I think to Hap's dismay) suggested we turn around at the 1.5 mile mark.

It was a tough three miles. I'd been leading a training session all morning in a computer lab where we aren't technically supposed to have liquids. So, in order to set a good example, I didn't bring my water bottle. Plus, since I was doing that during my usual snack time I had to eat my morning snack earlier than usual. All that (plus my lack of running lately) combined for a rough run. I hope I didn't slow Hap down too much. I appreciated that he stayed with me.

Post-run I wasn't feeling too optimistic about the upcoming 10K. But how did it turn out? Stay tuned!

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kilax said...

Was Hap not wearing a stop watch or anything? Even before Steven had his Garmin, I always ran with a stopwatch, just to know how long I had gone. I don't know if I will ever be a true "naked" runner!

I was going to ask, are you still using BIM?

P.S. I make a little sticky note that lists everything I need to pack for long runs so I don't forget. Now I just need to use it ;)

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